Saturday Musings / Chanel Unboxing

Wondering what happened to Dayre since it was down on Friday afternoon suddenly

But somehow surprisingly I wasn’t really bothered about it? 😅 it’s like “is it the day has come?” If it’s really down then it’s meant to be that kind lol..

Also I think partly because I made my due diligence to backup to WordPress almost daily. Which is my job hazard. Lol.. backup is important. But the backup will only be avail until tonight

I posted more on my IG stories for random stuffs instead.

Anyway shall repost here the random stuffs I posted on IG stories yesterday lol

I went out earlier yesterday afternoon by myself to go have lunch and window shopping before I meet my fren for tea.

Lunch at J town which serves Indonesian food. I have been craving for the noodles and decided to eat this. So yummy! With the usual Bakso and my es teh tawar aka iced tea O kosong. I like my tea without sugar definitely.

Went by Zara and tried these but not nice

The jacket is in size S but Super overwhelming

Then I walked to Apple and saw these straps. Tried it on but doesn’t like it

Still prefer the non holey ones

Went by Gucci too and tried this pair. Put this up for poll in my IG and so far more voted for yes. What do you think?

Some people says nay. I cannot decide this type or the other type (the bees) are nicer? But the bees ones are wider. The SA told me the bees type better matched with jeans and casual clothes.hmmm

I’m referring to this Ace Sneakers. Thought?

I spotted this lady walking with a red mini CCH and damn chio. Sorry if I sounded like a stalker hahaha! But I love the bright red. Somehow mini looks nicer in bright and fun shades to me.

Then I passed by the newly opened Laduree beauty shop and it’s so small!! Like they can only serve 2-3 customers at one time. The queue was Super Long by the way. I didn’t bother since I didn’t see anything I want to buy

You can see this from outside

It was raining quite heavily in town and for the first time my CCH was exposed to the rain cos I never bring any umbrella haha! I literally ran through the rain at the zebra crossing that’s not sheltered. At this point of time, I wished I have the chanel bag raincoat lol!

I also dropped by Chanel again to try my luck and see if there’s any new monalisa in store but don’t have. But I saw the new zipped coin holder with back pocket in black and I must say the black is damn chio. But again not worth buying due to price. No pics

Then it was just in time to meet my friend for tea! Well I had the green tea latte and we shared this pancakes. This is at Watanabe

Catch up with my fren and collected my new chanel loots from her that she helped me buy from HK!

I literally eat and drink the entire Saturday. I had my late lunch around 2pm and then the pancakes at 4.. and the moment I finished my pancakes, I went to find my hub and sis to go for dinner lol! That means within 5 hours I ate 3 times! 🤣

Went to Mui Kee! We were the second batch after it reopens at 6pm. We missed the first batch by 2 tables. Waiting time approx 45 mins which is the average time a table finish eating

Eating the Mui Kee way

Menu 1

Menu 2

Verdict: porridge is tasteless lol! We concluded probably likely no MSG used. Served healthy style. Need to add the soya sauce and pepper to add taste. The fish quite good but the fish balls and meat balls are better imo. They are very generous with the meat and fish servings by the way.

We also ordered side dishes to shared.

Will I go back again? Yes but not for dinner because I want to eat different items. They have items on menu which are only available during lunch such as the Chee Cheong fun. But overall, the congee are nothing wow imo. I have never tried the ones in HK so cannot compare

After dinner we rushed down to Vivo to watch Ready Player One! Used the free tickets that I won during d&d hehe! We arrived just in time right before the movie started. Sometimes really thankful for the long advertisements lol.

Movie was Long but interesting and good!

Been diligently doing the quiz for fun even though I don’t think can win lol

Even accumulated so many rewards haha but no idea if gonna use them

The poll results I got from IG

Anyway managed to unbox my #Chanel earlier on so shall just post here now

Sorry for the bad room lighting

Finally ticking this off my wishlist! Yes I also have a wishlist for Chanel Costume Jewellery 😅😅 . I have another one to be fulfilled haha!

So glad that they made this to be part of the classic line cos I missed out on it when they were launched last year. There is another one as well which was launched together in the same collection.

It’s only April and I’ve got 4 Chanel items this year 🙊

Current favourite necklace which I wear on weekends recently ☺️ maybe I should have bought the brooch version as well. But still thinking if a brooch is good to own or not 🤔

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