Celine, Chanel & Casetify Disc Code

Hello April!

How was everyone’s Long weekend? I guessed I had enough rest because I rested for the whole of Friday and no movie on Sat either.

Decided to go to the carnival on sat so MBS it is. But the carnival is so crowded with people and the queue for the rides are so long so we decided to just walk one round and left 😅 I really wanted to sit on the Viking ship leh..

First order of business was to go to Starbucks to have the drinks and cake I’ve been wanting to try. MBS was sooo crowded!

Anyway, the drink is really sweet. Ok to drink once but don’t think I will drink it again lol. As for the cake, it just tastes weird 😅 both are just nice to look at but taste wise nothing fantastic

After that, I was all ready to conquer the shops at MBS lol.. but alas, everything I wanted are not available 😅 my hub jokingly told me – got money want to spend also cannot. 😂 oh well..

I went by quite a few shops in a span of 1.5 hours – Gucci, Hermes, Celine and Chanel. No pictures at Hermes though! Shall share what I tried and saw at #Celine and #Chanel and also #Gucci

Basically I was on the hunt for a suitable pouch and key holder


A lot of ladies here has been posting about Celine which got me curious 😆 Dayre is indeed a dangerous place with so many temptations lurking!

About Celine, I used to fancy the micro luggage but I dropped it off the wishlist because I heard it’s quite heavy on its own and also no straps. I never try it though but i am Glad I didn’t buy it last time.

You must be thinking why I wear so nice to go carnival hahah!

Anyway here’s the all new nano belt bag? Not sure if it’s nano.. the lighting in Celine is so dark ☺️ the bag is in burgundy by the way.

Seriously it’s very cute. It’s spacious as well. And price point I think it’s ok too at $2600. Super love the colour but I’m not blown away by the design somehow. Also I don’t really fancy the bag opening.

And of course the other bag I have to try is this nano luggage. I’m not sure what colour this is but it’s dark grey. In drummed leather. Super nice neutral shade as well. I have no idea if this is slate. I forgot to ask. But it’s damn chio. Also specious in terms of size. Price point more ex than the belt one. This is retailing for $3350.

I’m really tempted haha! But sorry I have other bags on my wishlist so this is no go for now lol. Maybe few years down the road if I still like it?

Somehow still not very convinced with the bag either (yet)


Oops sorry i forgot that I left out LV lol.. shall post about LV first

Actually I did went to LV last Thursday night at ION but they don’t have a single key holder in stock lol. Zero! Is LV key holder really very popular? The SA told me to come back next week for possible restock. She said usually the stocks likely to be sold out towards end of the week.

Since there’s LV at MBS , I went in to ask

The SA at LV is really nice. She took out whatever she has in the store lol.. they have everything except the one I really wanted to see 😅 which is the Damier in rose ballerine

Really love the pink interior

I’m almost certain I wanted to get this but my Chanel SA told me her Friend own this and within a year, the pink coating on the button scraped off 😏 so that makes me think twice because I’m not someone who will really baby my stuffs. One day it will be just thrown around into the bag 😅

She actually recommended me to get this one instead with gold buttons which definitely will last. So I’m going towards this one instead. Now I’m wondering if I should go for the brown Damier or the men’s version. If only the men’s one comes with gold button lol.

The other item that I asked to see is this turnlock LV wallet. Actually I’m checking this out on behalf of my sis.

Interior same like victorine wallet but overall this is thicker due to the epi leather. And price wise also more expensive at $1190

I just like the lock function 😅 but overall not very impressed with this wallet.

They do have a red one as well


I went to Gucci to check if they have any key holder or pouch but they don’t have any that’s suitable. The SA did show me a black cosmetic pouch which looks cute but too big in terms of size for me

This is the pouch she showed me. Quite nice in real life but I must say it’s really expensive as well for a Gucci pouch. I thought I might have seen the price wrongly maybe. Either that or they tag the price wrongly cos it’s shows $1.3k for this 😨

The other one that she showed me is this. Too flat for my liking lol. And this is $740? Not cheap either.

Left the store afterwards

I also went to Ferragamo and Saint Laurent and they don’t have any key holders at all.


Went to Chanel not to check the key holders though lol. Since I was there, I just visit my SA and take a look if there’s anything new to see 😅

Remember I posted about this zippy coin holder the other day with pics taken from IG? It’s avail in SG. The shade of pink is very pearly and shiny. Quite sweet actually! The one behind is the boy cardholder with coral pink and matt caviar. The coral pink is much darker than the pearly one. So that means this season has 3 shades of pink.

The interior has one more slot compartment as compared to the classic

The back has a slot too. For the extra compartment and slot, this one is more expensive by approx $300 😅 even my SA says it’s expensive hahaa! This is retailing for $970 by the way. The usual classic one is either $690 or $790 depending on design I think.

Anyway I also do notice that the fabric at the zip seems to fur easily. I have already seen furring for this display piece.

My SA also showed me this patent chevron flat cardholder. Very nice imo but I’m not sure if this patent leather will last in our kind of weather. Anyway my SA doesn’t let me buy this 😂 cos I already have one in the rose gold la.

And I asked to see the round coin pouch again cos I want to Test if can fit my lipsticks. Tested ok! Forgot to take a pic. So probably I might consider this round one next time 🤣

And I finally saw this beige boy. Such a nice shade! In the perfect aged gold hardware too. But one thing I notice, compared with my boy, the new ones has much thinner and smaller chains and also much lighter as well. Mine is pretty heavy but somehow I prefer mine because I always do a full load in my bag 🙊 it’s most of the time packed to the brim so I’m guessing a thicker and heavier chain is better for me. Lol..

That’s my hub chatting happily with my SA 😂😂 he always has something funny to comment one

My SA has been telling me about the vanity bag so ok I try! Haha! Actually I think it’s nice also 🙈 kinda boxy but this size (medium?) is quite roomy. This is retailing for more than $6k. I really like the lock on vanity lol. If only the strap are removable. Who knows maybe next time? since the first CCH also has non removable strap.

While on the way out, I spotted this gorgeous Lambskin bag in navy. Unfortunately me and Lambskin bags are no no. The base has this big chanel logo on it by the way. Very spacious interior and quite light actually. And retailing for $5.6k for such a big bag is a good price imo (camellia brooch not included)

Side view

One more – nice hor

And look what I saw! The elusive monalisa o coin purse appearing in this season metallic blue colour! Unfortunately this is the last piece and it’s reserved. I do hope that SG will be bringing in more of this next season!

The infamous back pocket hehe!

That’s all I saw at Chanel MBS. But! I did drop by Chanel NAC on Sunday lol! Actually I went in to check on the previous season espadrilles from
Cruise which MBS doesn’t have anymore. Forgot to take a pic but I think I concluded I cannot wear espadrilles. It just looks weird on my feet.

The said espadrilles

I saw this pair which @charmmy3030 tried and I must say it’s chio and comfy but the price is not nice lol! It’s $1.6k by the way 😨 the sole is quilted!

Then I saw the mini BA on display lol. The mini BA is sooooo cute!!! The capacity seems bigger than mini square with extra compartment in front! At this point in time I’m really tempted as well 😂 I Guess you either have a feel for the bag or don’t.

It’s perfect when worn crossbody as well. Had to put it back cos again I seriously need to fulfil the bags on my wishlist first haha!. And research more about BA. Heheh.. I think this is $5120? Pretty ex for a small mini bag

Oh yes, I forgot one more thing! I did ask if they have mini coco handle but only got green one. I didn’t bother asking to see cos green is just not an option I would want to see lol! I wonder why they bring in green mini coco but not the other colours which are more wearable? Anyway I did also ask if they have beige coco handle. My SA said they had it but only in small size.

Pic credit from the owner on IG – according to my SA the beige is lighter than the beige of the vanity bag I tried.

It would have been an option for me if it’s dark beige. I’m pretty scared of the colour transfer for light coloured bags cos I already have colour transfer for my silver mini. Luckily it’s nothing major. I manage to clean off most of the stains away. I did ask some bag spa places and they all say nothing can be done! 😅

Starbucks quiz so fun but speed reading skills needed lol

Just ordered this casing from casetify 😅


By the way, you can use the above link to get USD 10 off your first order! I ordered the impact case. Seems can protect my iPhone X well. Stopped buying the cheaper ones since I got my iPhone X cos of the phone backing unlike the older models. So better to be safe than sorry.

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