Jill Stuart Beauty

Finally someone posted this on IG. Saw it on chanel app and I was wondering why this is so expensive – more expensive that the usual classic zipped by about $300??

New style with slot at the back and extra compartment inside.

Dunno if it will ever come to SG but the app says $970 😏

On a side note, my Friend managed to get the #chanel CJ I wanted in HK! Yay! Can’t wait to collect from her this weekend!

Ordered this on Sunday night and it came last night! So fast

But silly me ordered the cup with the text in wrong direction 😂😂 oh well I think shouldn’t matter that much.

Guessed where did I go after work today? ☺️

Chiong down to Sephora to get my Jill Stuart stuffs!

When I reach I was trying hard to find the counter and I spotted an area with tons of people 😂 so I just went there and I was right. Everyone is crowding around Jill Stuart lol.. so crowded until cannot see the items at all lor.

I had to wait for quite a while like 10 mins!? To finally reach and grab what I wanted. Luckily I already know what i want.

All my loots from Sephora. Decided to just utilise my 10% rewards. Added in the rose toner because just nice mine is finishing already. One bottle lasted me for 5 months! Bought one first to replace the finished bottle. Shall get another one when there’s Sephora sale.

On a side note, does anyone use the Fresh Kombucha Essence? Is it good?

Back to Jill Stuart, I always buy some of their items whenever I went to HK and Japan. So I’m Glad that they are avail here in Sg now!

I bought their eyeshadows and lipsticks previously. But their eyeshadows are quite shimmery type. Not as pigmented as I prefer it to be so I stopped using. Same case for the lipstick. More shimmery and some quite sheer in terms of shade. So I didn’t buy again even though the casings are chio lol

Currently I’m only using their face powder

I don’t really like to use foundation so face powder like this is the best for me. Before I use JS, I used to use the Chanel one. Also the non foundation type.

I’m currently using shade 5 (cream) so this time round I decided to try other shades. I was holding on to no 1 (natural) and no 6 (floral) – the pic above. Seriously I cannot tell much diff when I swatched them. It was so crowded also couldn’t swatch properly.

In the end I decided to go with no 6 hehe..

I haven’t open the new one I got so I will just show you the one I’m using currently 😆 the same new packaging. Before this one, the previous packaging is smaller and it has some strings dangling

I got this during my Japan trip in 2016. So I guess it was time to buy a new one as well. I presume the expiry date is around 3 years time supposedly.

And the other item is this loose powder that I just decided to get when I was there. Shade 1 and 3 were already oos. And they were left with 3 boxes of shade 2. The SA swatched both 1 and 2 on my hands and they look almost similar. Shade 1 more nude than 2. But shade 2 actually looks quite good as well so I took it.

I haven’t open also so using the stock pic from the app again hahaha. Anyway I’ve been meaning to get a loose powder as well lah

Both JS items were above $100 so I got both the hand mirror and compact mirror as gifts. Quickly went to pay when the SA said still avail when I asked 😆


Oh btw, you can get the JS lipsticks engraved if you get it in store!

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