It was cross fingers moments yesterday.

It was the annual letter and I’m pleased and relieved? lol.. unexpected too – so many emotions πŸ˜†

This year, no more physical copy given out. It was verbal communication

And this year it comes with an additional item πŸ™Š need to work harder liao

On a side note, Shake Shack is coming??

Anyway, joining in the fun, just did a personality test cum giveaway on Shiseido Singapore Facebook page

This is the giveaway

Just click on this pink colour pic to take the quiz

This is actually the quiz instructions . Just scroll down to continue.

Basically just tap on the options which you think describe you best

After picking 3 statements, this is what I get πŸ˜†

The descriptions lol! Maybe half true πŸ˜‚ I do wish my hair colour reflects my mood haha..

And they recommended this for me – seems suitable for my coloured hair

Do share if you do the quiz! ☺️


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