Last night’s dinner before Pacific Rim movie

Yummy Siomay Bandung – I miss this dish a lot! Not the best definitely – the one back home is better but no complains. It’s not bad

Portion is quite big as well the hub was complaining that too much cannot finish and super full lol

Spot my new eye candy! Hehe

Took this pic while on my way to do my nails. Brought out my twilly but no time to put it on yet lol


Tied the twilly while waiting for dinner to be served. A bit lop sided. I did adjust it a little when I got home.

Finally using this #hermes twilly after being in the box for like more than 6 months lol. Glad that it goes quite well with the bag colour.

Then I went home to change the twilly on my Herbag as well. Now thinking if I should buy 4th twilly 😅

Bought my second dress in a month! Actually paid half share for this dress because sharing it with my sis hehe!

I didn’t manage to go to boutique fairs last week but the sis did. She Showed me this dress and I offered to share with her since she also needs to wear size XS. Apparently I think she carted the last xs online. There was no more xs at the fair. Ordered on Monday but only got delivered on Friday.

Sorry for the toilet review pic haha! Cos the Long mirror not available to use. The dress material is thick! Couldn’t really tell from the website pic. Dress is lined. Not stretchy at ptp. But size xs fits me with slight allowance at ptp. Comes with back zip. Super love the dress! Glad I offered to share with her hahah! Will wear it after she wears it out.


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