Yay to mid-week!

Thanks ladies for sharing my joy yesterday with the story and unboxing post of my #chanel new ins! That was the reason why last week was a happy week for me lol!

About the bag collection concept I posted yesterday, I shall adopt it and see how it goes hehe! But of course, I believe you can always adjust the number – it doesn’t have to be 10 you know hahahah! But of course the number has to be like something doable for you? ☺️

Sharing just the final picture of my unboxing post here on Dayre.

On a side note, I haven’t got my posts backup download from Dayre leh? Anyone haven’t got the email yet? Been so long since I last request. Luckily got Dayre exporter!

Anyway last Sunday night, I finally broke my own record of not shopping for any clothes for 3 weeks!!

I carted this TTR dress ☺️ it was dispatched on Monday and it arrived yesterday. So efficient.

Haven’t been finding anything I fancy on LB leh 🤔

TTR Felly Ruffles Dress

Just one dress to review.

I happened to come across the preview and got attracted to the sweet colour and ruffles design. But I didn’t manage to go to the store to check it out so I just take a gamble and camped for this online. The measurements given seems quite safe so I took XS.

Dress is lined. Not stretchy. Xs fits me well at ptp with slight allowance at waist. Hips has allowance. Length is no too short either. Ended just above my knee cap. Material is good! Not thin. A bit structured.

I love the shade of blush pink they use. Very sweet. Luckily it’s not those dusty pink type. Comes with back zip by the way but no pockets though.


If you read my unboxing post, I’m on the hunt for good key holder or maybe a small pouch that I can keep my keys/lipstick. I’m still on the fence about buying key holders because ideally I need one that can fit the 8 keys I have. If no choice then I will need to remove 2 to just fit 6 of them.

You must be thinking why I have so many keys right hahah! Well I have 4 keys each for both houses – the place in staying in (can’t say it’s my house cos it’s not lol) and my parents’ (aka mine) house.

Most key holders out there only can fit 4/6 keys. And I’m also not sure if the key holder will still be flat after putting in 6 keys?

Anyway I came across that Chanel pouch on IG last night and looks quite nice. But I have never seen this one in SG either. Only have the round ones which is too small.

They have beige SLGs in the US!

One more! Omg.. I won’t buy a bag in this colour but I don’t mind SLGs leh..

Dunno how many SLGs I need hahahah

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