Chanel Reveal / Bag Collection Concept

Posted my #Chanel Unboxing and reveal on my WordPress finally! ☺️

Chanel Unboxing

Head over to my WordPress at and it’s the first post in my featured articles 😊

Anyway since I’m on the topic of bags, I thought maybe I should share this.

Few months ago, I read an article that says that one should only own 10 luxury designers bags. What does this means? Technically it means that at any time, you can only own maximum 10 bags. If you want to add a new bag to your collection when you already have hit 10 bags, you must sell away one bag to add the new bag.

I thought it’s a good concept to adopt. I probably do not need so many designers bags. 10 seems to be quite a good number of bags to rotate with. And probably even cover quite a variety of bag designs as well.

So I started thinking about the bags I own and what bags that I would love to add to my wishlist in my life.

I’m not sure what bags definition should be taken actually but I think I shall put it as any proper bags that cost above $1k minimum.

So going by the definition I set, I currently I have a total of 7 designers bags:

1. LV Neverfull
2. Balenciaga Giant City
4. Chanel Boy
5. Chanel Mini Rect
6. Chanel CCH
7. Hermes Herbag

For the past 2 years, I have sold away 2 bags: Miu Miu Vitello and LV speedy.

If you ask me, sometimes it’s quite easy to know which bags I should get rid in my collection (at least so far). I sold away both my Miu Miu and LV speedy because I found that I never use them at all for 2 years straight. They are strong reason enough for me to get rid of both bags. And the same thing is now happening to my SDJ so that’s why I want to get rid of it to another owner who will use it more than I do.

On a side note, I kind of stop buying or majorly reduced the number of non designers bags I got. I try my best not to buy them because I find that they do not last. After about a year, it will be chucked one side and then the leather will start peeling over time and I will have to throw it away. I cannot even sell it off lol! Quite money wasted ah? 😅

So now whenever I saw some nice non designer bags, I kept telling myself to fund the money to another designer bag instead. The amount might not be a lot but over time it accumulates. Lets say one bag cost $50. If I buy 10 of them, I could have used the same money to buy a good quality designer SLG at least even if its not a bag. Don’t know if I’m making sense 😂 and if I don’t want it one day, I can still sell it off again.

I’m not saying that one should totally stop buying non designer bags lah.. as long as you are happy, anything is fine. So it all boils down to personal preference yah! Lol! Don’t judge me okay 😂😂 I will still buy non designer bags but very very selective.

I have been there and done that. Bought a lot of bags. No deep regrets but sometimes I do wonder why I bought the bags lol!! Anyway I’m just re-evaluating the possibilities. And I just thought the concept I came across is doable.

Do share with me your thoughts if any! 😊😊

As for my bag wishlist, I do actually have 3 ☺️ so if I don’t manage to sell off my SDJ, it will be just nice lol! But out of 3, likely 2 of them might be ticked off the list first in the next 3-4 years maybe? And the last one I don’t intend to tick it off the list yet – not in the near future heheh! I won’t be sharing my wishlist though 🤗

Just FYI, previously I live by the concept of one bag per year lol! That’s since I started working. And I did stick to this. In fact, some years I didn’t buy any single bags.

Okay I’m gonna attempt to answer a question from @sxllim ☺️

So let’s say I have fulfilled all my 3 bags in my wishlist in the next 4 years. That means I have got 10 bags in my collection. If another item caught my eye, I will get rid of my SDJ no matter what by hook or by crook. Lol!

And if you ask me, other than SDJ, I will get rid of my Balenciaga after that. My Balenciaga will definitely have to go one day sooner or later. The condition is pretty worn out now actually. I had been using it to death and I’m surprised it’s still holding out lol! The leather has become Super distressed and a little part of the ropes on handles actually frayed already.

But frankly speaking, even if I fell in love with a bag at first sight, I will not buy it on the spot though. So there should be sometime to get rid of one bag if I were to really want to add a new one lol.

I hope this answer your question babe!

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