Relaxing weekend! Wanted to head out to Boutique Fairs yesterday but in the end never go because too lazy. Stayed home instead and took the unboxing videos of my new ins! 😉 will sort out the pictures first before uploading the reveal post ☺️

Meanwhile I saw this on IG – Chanel transparent umbrella selling for USD825 lol

So big and overpriced umbrella 😅

And they have the beige flaps in various sizes overseas!

Remember I told you all that I saw this O coin purse without back pocket the other day? Came across this picture on IG and that’s the one! The far left.

It’s gonna a post of random updates today.

Saw this last night and omg, so nice! Why SG doesn’t have such a nice collection ah? Does anyone know what the one with the pink handle in front? Is that a Mug or tumblr? And whether it can put hot beverages ?

Anyway I went window shopping on Friday since I ended work early that day as I started early.

Happened to see this New Limited Edition Baby G x Hello Kitty.

The box that comes with the watch so cute. It looks like a luggage. But I don’t wear this kind of watch so money saved hehe

Passed by Gucci and saw the latest collection displayed. Didn’t go in though. These reminded me of the vintage pieces last time. My mum used to have them! I wonder if she still has it – can take out and use them!

After dinner with my sis and cousin who is in town, we went to DFS to walk around

We only managed to go to 2 stores as DFS was closing in 30 mins.

Went to LV to check out the Victorine wallet in real life finally. And also asked to see the key pouch.

The wallet is bigger than I expected it to be. Personally prefer the pink over Fuschia. I find the Fuschia too dark. Compartment wise , I find it good.

But overall, I’m not impressed somehow. I have no idea what it is but something seems to be lacking. This doesn’t caught my heart at all. Not sure if Damier would be better? Didn’t ask as the SA doesn’t seem to be that friendly. But anyway I think I don’t want this ☺️

For the key pouch I actually asked to see the coloured ones as well but she brought me the zipped one in the pic above. No idea why but she doesn’t seem to know the Collection very well or is it I didn’t convey properly ? lol

She showed me this and when I asked her for Damier one she said don’t have 😏

Anyway I’m on the fence about getting this after seeing it in real life. Not a fan of the monogram but maybe Damier May be better? I will go to another LV boutique to see again before I decide.

I’m wondering if this kind of key pouch better or the zip pouch type? And whether there are any other brands which I can consider. If possible i want those which can put like 6 keys.. does anyone knows?

Went Tods after that cos my sis wants to check out the flats. Since I’m there I try also 😆

Nice and comfy! This one is actually croc leather? But the price reasonable leh.. $820.. the suede one was more expensive.. also tried but forgot to take pics.

But the sizing seems to be inconsistent. The suede one I wear 37 but this croc can fits into 36. But they do have half sizes. Very good size range

I think I should go back chanel one day and try on the new version of espadrilles. Seems nicer than the usual ones.

More bags appearing on IG. This one looks so much like Hermes Evelyne !

carted this dress from TTR! I just broke my own record! I didn’t buy any clothes for the last 3 weeks! Whoops! The last ones were the LB Capsule Collection 02. 😅

Still owe you guys LB massive reviews.. will get down to it soon! I didn’t buy any LB for 3 weeks heheh..

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